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Welcome! Christian Counseling Professionals of Chicagoland began in January 2011 with over 30 individuals from 17 Christian counseling agencies gathered at Meier Clinics of Wheaton. In this initial meeting, we discussed ways to collaborate and offer mutual training, marketing, and outreach projects. A Steering Committee was formed and meets faithfully each month to create objectives and goals as a unified group of believers. 

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"Sex, Cultures, and addiction: the church's challenge in our #1 public health problem" 


This event will now be virtual on October 6th, 2020


Featuring Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. & Pennie Carnes, LPC


Dr. Patrick Carnes, a trailblazer in the field of sexual addiction, and Pennie Carnes will each discuss various aspects of sexual addiction including Sexual Addiction and the Science in Healing the Soul of the Church, Sexual Addiction in the Church, and Shame and Betrayal: Christian Leadership and the "Me Too" Phenomenon.


5 CEUS available for clinical professionals



Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.,  is an internationally known authority and speaker on addiction and recovery issues. He has authored more than twenty books including the bestselling titles Out of the Shadows: Understanding Addiction Recovery; Betrayal Bond (1st edition); Don’t Call It Love; The Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps and The Gentle Path through the Twelve Principles.


Dr. Carnes’ research provides the architecture for the “task model” of treating addictions that is used by thousands of therapists worldwide and many well-known treatment centers, residential facilities, and hospitals. He founded IITAP (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals), which has trained more than 2000 therapists in sixteen countries, providing CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) training and certification as well as cutting-edge information for addiction professionals.

He helped to develop assessments critical to the diagnosis and treatment of sex addiction, such as the Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) and the Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI), as well as assessments in trauma and financial disorders. He is also the founding architect of the Gentle Path program and co-founder of Willow House, specialty programs for sexual and trauma disorders for men and women at The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona, where he currently serves as a Senior Fellow. Most recently, in 2017 and 2018, Dr. Carnes served as a visiting professor of Brain Science at the University of Alberta Medical School and as a Fulbright Scholar focusing on genotypes in sex addiction.


Pennie Carnes, LPC, CSAT, is trained in the Murray Method for treating trauma and is Level II trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). Currently she practices at the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center in Crosby MN. Her latest book is Shadows of the Cross: A Christian Companion to Facing the Shadows which she co-authored with Dr. Craig Cashwell and Dr. Patrick Carnes. In addition, she has developed an intensive 12-week program for treating sex buyers.  This program is called T.O.P.S. Treatment of Prostitution Solicitors: Reducing the Demand for Sex, Prostitutes, and Porn. This program will be released through International Institute of Addiction and Trauma Professionals in 2020.



Recap of October 2019 Workshop

Various topics by leaders in the field were discussed at our first-ever panel CEU workshop entitled, "Successful Business Practices in a Changing Health Care World" worth 2 CEUS. Attendees were offered valuable information about managed care, recruitment and retention of staff, electronic medical records, and marketing. A wonderful time of collaboration and discussion was had. 

Recap of February 2019 Conference

Dr. Gary Chapman, famous author, and speaker blessed attendees of the conference entitled, "Helping Teens While We're Still Under Construction" worth 5 CEUS, with guidance on the 5 Love Languages of teens, raising teens in a screen-driven world, grace in anger and dealing effectively with our own failures. All who attended were impressed by Dr. Chapman's years of wisdom and transparency on these topics. 


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