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Upcoming Events

2019 February Conference

"Helping Teens While We're Still Under Construction"

Featuring Dr. Gary Chapman

Wheaton Bible Church 

February 26, 2019


Past Events

CEU Workshop - January 2019

"What You May Not Know About Substance Abuse"

Featuring Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

CEU Workshop - October 2018

"Autism Spectrum Disorder:

A Literature Update"

Featuring Dr. Lisa Naatz

2018 August Member Brunch

"The Private Grief of Therapists"

Featuring Dr. Valencia Wiggins

CCPC Conference - April 2018

"Abuse, Trauma, and Spiritual Warfare"

Featuring Dr. Dan Allender

CEU Workshop - January 2018

"Caring About Culture in Clinical Practice"

Featuring Sally Schwer Canning, Ph.D.

CEU Workshop - October 2017

"Intoxicating Cycles of Shame"

Featuring Margaret Nagib, Psy.D.

April Conference

"Counseling Gender Diverse Persons: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture"

Featuring Mark A. Yarhouse, Psy.D.

Wheaton Bible Church

April 25, 2017

CEU Workshop - January 2017

"Helping People Navigate Successfully Through a Divorce"

Featuring Grant Stenzel, L.C.P.C., Stenzel Clinical Services

2016 August Member Brunch

"Soul Care"

Featuring Dr. Harry Shields of Moody Bible Institute

Cantigny Golf Course 

2016 Conference

"The Many Faces of Grief: Though I Walk Through the Shadows"

Featuring Dr. Gary Oliver and H. Norman Wright

Wright - The Abundance of Losses and the Patterns of Grief Power Point

Wright - Healing the Wounds of Grief Power Point

CEU Workshop - January 2016

"Anxiety And Couples: Escaping Intimacy Instead of Vulnerability"

Featuring Dr. David Van Dyke

Power Point Presentation

CEU Workshop - October 2015

"Fostering Connections: Responding to Reactive Attachment Disorder"

Featuring Cynthia Langtiw, Psy.D.

 Power Point Presentation

2015 Conference

"Shame and Grace: The Many Faces of Addiction"

Featuring Dr. Jared Pingleton, Dr. Adam Bianchini, Lisa Lackey, Dr. Kim Dennis, and Dr. Paul Meier

CEU Workshop - January 2015

"Youth in Crisis and Those Who Love Them"

Presented by Cari Shields, LCSW, and Matthew Hanlon, AMFT

CEU Workshop - October 2014

"Facing Anxiety: Body-Mind-Spirit"


2014 Conference

"The Many Faces of Forgiveness"

Featuring Dr. Charlotte Witvliet and Dr. Christopher Yuan

CEU Workshop - January 2014

"When Hoping Makes You Sick"

Presented by Dr. Margaret Nagib of Timberline Knolls

CEU Workshop - October 2013

"Helping Men with Anger - When "Nice Guys" Rage"

Presented by Grant Stenzel, LCPC, Stenzel Clinical Services

2013 Conference

"Walking in a Manner Worthy of Our Calling: Honoring Our Most Sacred Relationships"

Featuring Dr. Greg Smalley

CEU Workshop - January 2013

"Trauma and Its Impact - Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually"

Presented by Dr. Janet Kamer of Meier Clinics

CEU Workshop - October 2013

"Evidence - Based Practices for Christian Counseling"

Presented by Dr. Jamie Aten of Wheaton College

2012 Conference

"Body Building-Working Together to Promote Growth and Healing"

Keynote - Dr. Mark McMinn



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